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Why do moms always insist on showing off our baby pictures? I'm not a baby anymore.  Although I do still like sleeping in that comfy bed.  My name is Prince Jack; I go by Prince.  My mom is still my favorite person, even if she does post embarrassing photos of me.


I'm a Gemini that loves to travel...except when it rains. I'm pretty sure that those swipey things on the front window of the car are trying to attack me and my mom. I keep yelling at them to go away, but my mom never seems bothered by them.


I like going to stores and meeting new people. Except that one day when we met a cat lady. I'm not too sure about her.

Well, I just wanted to introduce myself, I'll catch up with you all later. P



This is my tiniest daughter Margi (Princess Marguerite). She might be tiny but she's fierce! Her brother Beau is three times her size and she still stands up to him. That's my girl!!! Tiny but mighty! Just like her daddy! Lol

This is my daughter Issi (Countess Isabella). She's the sweetest! But I might be biased.  

This is Sonny (Prince la Sonnerie). He is headed to his new home in New Jersey in a few weeks!

This is our new litter with Queen Lillibet. Four girls and one boy. All tricolor. Not one of them looks like me....hmmm... I was sure they were my kiddos but mom says they are my brothers. I still kiss them every day. 

This is my new litter with Countess Lucille. Three girls and two boys. Luci doesn't let me play with them yet. She's fussy about them. And then when she comes out of their playpen she takes MY toys! Girls!! Ugh

Luci's puppies have all their shots now and have started taking turns out in the outside puppy pen. 

Franki (Prince Frances) has really gotten fuzzy! He has the longest fur of anyone that's ever been here! He kind of feels like the odd guy because he's the only one with long fur this year.

This is my big sister Diamond. She had babies last night. My mom was with her all night and barely slept with me. I was not happy and kept calling her name.  She finally came in and we took a good nap. She hasn't let me see the puppies except for a second so far this morning. She says they need time to sleep and eat. I'm really excited though and keep telling my mom I can be a good boy around them. I hope she lets me see them again soon. I really love puppies.

This is my brother, Duke. He's tired. He's been so busy lately. TWO of his girl friends are having puppies!!  

Our Other Roommate

Our other roommate is our friend Lilli. Sometimes Luci and Lilli get into arguments and I have to tell them to stop. Girls, ugh.

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My roommates

This is me and my friend Luci. She's kind of my girlfriend. I mean I like her and she's really pretty and fun to play tug of war with and wrestle.  

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My Little Brother

Is anyone else's little brother really annoying? Mine sure is. He and I used to hang out all the time and share a room with mom. Then he got taller...and basically acts too big for his britches, I think.  He only wants to hang out with girls now and doesn't play with me like we used to. Anyone else have a brother that acts like that when they realize girls are pretty? I mean I hang with girls, but I don't act all silly about it. I mean I guess I used to when I was his age. I sure hope he outgrows this. I'd like to hang like we used to again. Anyway, this is my baby brother Duke. We aren't from the same litter, but we grew up together. Mom says that is what a family really is...those that choose to share their lives.