Frequently Asked Questions

How many types of Russell Terriers are there?

You can get up to a dozen looks of Russell Terriers. Some are referred to as Parsons Terriers. Others are referred to as English or just Jack Russells. They are all versions of a Jack Russell Terrier. 

This intelligent, charismatic breed may come in short legged, standard, or long legged. They may also come with a wiry rough coat, sleek smooth coat, or even a long hair soft coat.  We have had wiry rough and wiry soft. We have even had a broken coat, which is a smooth head, and a wiry body.

Prince is a broken coat. Duke, Baroness, Lady and Princess are smooth coat. Queen is a rough coat. Duchess is a smooth coat, but her fur is thicker than the others. Countess is technically a rough coat, but she has longer soft fur. 

Prince, Queen and Countess are all short legged. Duchess and Lady are standard leg, and Duke, Baroness, and Princess are long legged. Although Princess is petite.

Short Legged Jack Russells (commonly referred to as JRT Shorties, English Russells or Irish Russells) are about 10-12 pounds. Whereas Long Legged Jack Russells (referred to as Parson Russell's) run 12-15 pounds. A straight Jack will be stockier and run 20-25 pounds.

When John Russell started the JRT breed, it is believed that he crossed a terrier and a beagle, looking to develop a fast, sturdy, smaller hunting dog. He ended up developing all three types, each for a different hunting purpose. 

How trainable is a Jack Russell?

Jack Russells are very intelligent and trainable. They will learn from you without you even realizing you are teaching them, so be sure what they see is what you want them to do.  They have been known to perform on television and in movies, and have served on the battlefields of war. This charismatic, intelligent, adorable, loving breed can be an emotional support dog, a search and rescue dog and even a hunting dog. They can compete in sporting events, and make a wonderful companion.

How are our dogs named?

Each of our dogs receives a royal title and a name. Sometimes we call them by the title, sometimes by their name. So Prince Jack, goes by Prince; but Queen Lillibet goes by Lilli.  If you reserve a puppy, it will come with a title and a name. If you have a preference, please let us know when you make your reservation. Each pet will be called by their name from birth through pick up, to help them learn it. 

Our naming system is a part of our brand, and sets us apart from other breeders.

Your puppy will be registered with their title and name through the American Pet Registry and will be microchipped.

What training will my pet have prior to pick up?

Puppies picked up at 8-11 weeks will have been worked with on coming when their name is called, basic manners, and some potty training and leash walking. Puppies picked up from 12-15 weeks will have had advanced experience in these areas. 

We do offer additional professional training for your pet prior to pickup. Please ask if you are interested in a higher level of training. We do outsource this to a local trainer specific to what type of training you are looking for your pet to learn, so rates for this training vary.

What are my payment options?

We accept Paypal and Square. 

However, If it is a puppy that is posted on the GoodDog website, you will have to make your payments through GoodDog at: The great thing about this is that you are able to make payments over time while your puppy is weaning and training. In addition, your payments are protected through their payment protection program. And your deposit agreement and purchase agreement are on file with their legal department.

What are my delivery options?

For 2024, we are providing free delivery within the continental US. Delivery to Alaska and Hawaii is an additional $500 fee.

We fly to your local airport or drive to your local police station for meet up and delivery.