New Owner Stories

King Capet ruling the roost in Colorado.

Queen Joli is really a fashionista in NY! Boy has she gotten tall and tan.

Prince Louis Larme is getting used to his new family. His sister Nera and he took a few days to sort things out, but sometimes that's just the way it goes. After a week they've become friends. He's enjoying a little spring sun on the deck.

Carne (Countess Carnevale) is really loving her new home in San Diego. She goes in walks and basks in the sun.

We got an update from Lady Louise's mom. She's been doing a lot of traveling and her family relocated to warmer climate this year. Here's a few photos documenting her travels. Apparently she's quite the navigator!

Duke of Chilhowee (Duchi) has a big brother (a red doberman, Wilson)  and a sister (cat).  He resides in Illinois and loves his new family.  His favorite game is Tug-of-War. 

Queen Joli flew all the way to New York with her new dad. They attended an outdoor concert. She got to ride in her own new stroller! Loving life as the Queen of the house.

Nitro Knight is enjoying his new family in North Dakota where he is surrounded by his kids - that apparently are able to use up all his bountiful energy!

Marquis of Diamonds sound asleep on his ride home to Michigan.                      Princess Charlotte doing likewise on her way to Washington state.

His family says he is having a ball running and playing with his lil bro.                  After the long road trip she got to play in her yard, with her new toys.

Baroness Brin de Fille playing in her yard and napping with her bo at her new home in Northern Missouri.